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UUJEC Green New Deal Task Force Resources.

I. Green New Deal Documents, Articles, Videos, Organizations and Upcoming Actions


  • RESOLUTION in HR and Senate: “Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal,”  updated version to read. 

  • The full text of the proposal to create a Green New Deal  Committee submitted to HR: Proposed bill


Series of Articles 


  • "The Climate Change Adaptation Issue" Sierra, January/February 2019  (entire issue, not a link).  There are articles on South Florida, Phoenix, inhabitants of Marshall Islands relocating to Arkansas with seachange….




Articles, mostly overviews and history

Excellent coverage of the many areas to be studied and implemented. A curriculum, with a list of study discussion sessions could be devised. Examples are income inequality and job creation, the how-to switch to renewables, financing the transition with do’s and dont’s of the original New Deal, working the politics, international issues and the certainty of and need for planning for mass migration with climate change. Plus, what congregations can do now.

Gives important critiques that must be answered, but should not kill the project.

This could be a reading in the session on the politics of getting it done. And Klein offers the alternative that if Pelosi and co-horts block it, civil society could pick up the model and carry it.

Joe Sanburg, The Green New Deal is the Best Hope for Saving the Planet and Ending Poverty.

Quote from the article’s theme: “It comes down to money. Fossil-fuel executives and the politicians they bankroll have presented a false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy planet. They’ve successfully framed the debate in the language of austerity and sacrifice, of poverty and suffering.”


          The Economics/Financing of Green New Deal

               A new study that is to the ‘left’ of the Green New Deal concludes only radical government-directed action will succeed:  We thus have to discard the prevalent market-oriented belief system, in which government intervention and non-market modes of coordination and decision-making are inferior to the market mechanism and will mostly fail to achieve what they intend to bring about.” 

          • A study from 2011 by economist Ann Pettifor that argues it is feasible to finance a global green transition using tools similar to those used to deal with the Great Recession.  “We are capable of shutting off the sun and the stars because they do not pay a dividend. London is one of the richest cities in the history of civilization, but it cannot “afford” the highest standards of achievement of which its own living citizens are capable, because they do not “pay.”

            Indigenous Rights, Language Loss and Green New Deal


              Interactive Tool Kit

              • Community Power Interactive Tool Kit on how to affect energy consumption in your city, utility and neighborhood from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) which is a great organization and sends out newsletters on line.

              Media on Green New Deal

              • Podcast of Sunrise Movement call to now thousands of supporters to spark action now, following roll out of the Green New Deal in Congress. Naomi Klein has a good section on it as well as young leaders, inspiring to see. Recording of the livestream can be found here.

              The following videos are from Terry Lowman and Erv Klaus

              • What we're up against, Democrats who take oil, gas and coal money and disinformation campaigns with Corporate power propaganda and this corporate skulduggery.  Keep in mind that the Cato institute and Heartland institute are Koch and oil industry shills.

              • Using capitalism to sell a new green deal, a TED talkTerry's suspicious, if there's horse trading so that Wall Street gets involved, but at least we're getting political buy in across the spectrum.

              Humor Video

              Videos on how to present climate change to audiences


              • Podcast on localizing and improving technologyof electric grid and broadband to reduce cost and use timing of use to best benefit from renewable sources like wind and solar. Book recommended by above podcast is: Gretchen Bakke, The Grid, the Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future, 2016.

                  Bill Gates is leading a Canadian group to pull CO2 out of the air and create fuel with it.  They are able to sequester one ton per day--a miniscule amount considering concrete, between mining, manufacturing, transportation and the chemical processes create 1.5 tons of CO2 for every ton of concrete...and there are 10 billion tons of concrete poured every year in the US.


              A tiny Swiss company has ideas on how to remove CO2 and produce fertilizer from it.



              • Elders Climate Action Conservative Elders Climate Action is building a non-partisan movement of elders committed to making our voices heard.

              • Founded by Bill McKibben, world-wide in scope.

              • Citizens Climate Lobby Citizens' Climate Lobby creates the political will for a livable world. We empower individuals to experience breakthroughs by exercising their personal and political power.

              • The Climate Mobilization.   The Climate Emergency Movement is a network of people doing everything we can to prevent climate and ecological catastrophe. We ask our institutions and communities to respond to climate change and ecological destruction as an emergency. We demand the only response that makes sense: a massive, just mobilization of our cities and nation to protect humanity and the natural world.

              • GreenFaith. Inspiring, educating, and mobilizing people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership. 

              • The Green Party, see Documents above for their Green New Deal

              • Labor Network for Sustainability, the organized voice within the labor movement for policies that are ecologically sustainable while also advancing the movement for good jobs and a just transition for workers and communities hurt by the effects of climate change and by the transition to renewable energy. 

              • PowerShift.  This is a bottom-up, grassroots hub for young climate activists.

              • Sunrise Movement.  An organization begun by young people to achieve the Green New Deal. The UUA and UUJEC have signed on as a sponsoring organization. See Actions below.

              • Youth Climate Leaders.  Our main goal is to empower a diverse group of young leaders from all over the world with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to be used right now to address climate change.



               You can check out the nearest action to your zip code.

              Feb 4, Transit Equity Day for Civil Rights and a Healthy Planet,

              Click here for the Organizing Toolkit.

              Download this Transit Equity Day poster, fill it out with a personal message, and take a photo to share via social media. Get on Board for Transit Equity Day! Register your activity here (even if you don’t know what it is yet).

              • Sunrise Action Guide: Operation Green New Deal Blitz: A step-by-step guide to help you take action for the Green New Deal: We’re calling on all Senators and Representatives to make a choice: will they support the only resolution to meet the scale of the climate crisis? Or will they condemn the millions of young people in our generation to a future ravaged by wildfires, heatwaves, and hurricanes? It’s on us to move this resolution forward by turning up the heat on our members of Congress throughout February. Here’s our plan.
              • Feb 6-10th MAKE OUR DEMAND CLEAR  We’ll tweet, call, and email our Senators and Representatives relentlessly with our demand that they back Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Markey’s Joint Resolution for a Green New Deal now.

              Apr 15 Extinction Rebellion Action: worldwide.

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