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UUJEC is pleased to Co-Sponsor the 2018 Interfaith March for Peace and Justice. Join in fellowship within your community for peace and justice. 

  • Assembly guidelines and tips are available here.  
  • Spread the word and the excitement with this flyer.
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  • Financial Assistance with March-Related Expenses Application 
  • Sample Outreach letters to build UU and Community partnerships
  • A recording from our January 10th webinar with march organizers. 

If no event is planned in your area but you’d like to plan one, email for help to get started.

January 10, 2018 @ 8:00 PM 

"Are You Ready for the Interfaith March for Peace & Justice?"


Thank you to all who joined the UUJEC/UUSJ sponsored webinar regarding the 2018 Interfaith March for Peace & Justice Interfaith March for Peace and Justice on Jan. 10.  Activists from a dozen different states were represented on our webinar! It was inspiring to be joined by so many like-minded individuals to support the development of an event which may have national impact

 March co-sponsors include UUJEC, the UU Peace Ministry Network, Peace Catalyst, North Columbus Friends Meeting, UU Justice Ohio and Safe Alliance of Interfaith Leaders.  March Organizers include:


Michael Greenman is a former board member of UUJEC. As a member of the First UU Church of Columbus, he led a team during the denomination’s annual gathering in June 2013, that obtained their approval to encourage congregations all around the country to focus on supporting the passage of a constitutional amendment to declare that “corporations are not persons” and “money is not speech”.  In 2014, he became the Moderator of the Social Justice Committee (SJC) of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio (IACO). SJC is bringing together the nine member faiths of IACO to collaborate on efforts to support justice projects in this greater Columbus area.  IACO and First UU are among the sponsors of the 2018 Interfaith March for Peace and Justice. 

Greg Davis is a member of the North Columbus Friends Meeting and the Safe Alliance of Interfaith Leaders in Columbus, OH. With help from many excellent partners, he was able to organize an Interfaith March for Peace & Justice in April 2017. Looking ahead to 2018, he is excited to see this concept spreading to other locations nationwide. He is very grateful for the support of many UU congregations and hopes to develop many new partnerships in the near future to promote the success of the national event on April 29, 2018.

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