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The Corruption of Our Democracy Video Curriculum

From the UUA website on Congregational Study/Action Issues, CSAI:

As corporations use “corporate personhood” and “money as speech” for their interests rather than the people’s needs, can a constitutional amendment be passed to protect us? Could this further Unitarian Universalist work for social and environmental justice and help protect the health and safety of the people and the planet?

Workshop facilitators: a few words to help you get started For more information, encouragement and/or feedback: email or call Terry at 515-441-9844. A sample flyer for your workshop can be downloaded here

The video workshop series below mostly speak for themselves.  It would be best to allow around an hour for you to preview the videos before your workshop--this will allow you to be conversant and have a level of confidence going into the workshop.  Typically, UUs will have a vital conversation after viewing such compelling material.  Just allow time for participants to discuss their feelings and experiences. 

How to obtain the videos

By clicking HERE, you can go to our page and easily download all the videos onto your computer by clicking on each video and saving them all in a file for viewing later.  If it's easier to use a flash drive, then contact Terry Lowman at and he'll send you a flash drive. Please do not stream video as it's very undependable and could create a hostile group if/when streaming breaks down.

Tips for leading workshops

Two suggestions for creating community in the workshops--you can ask those who'd like to share about their experience.  So people are comfortable, do not structure sharing so people would be forced to share.   

Community organizers use a tool called One on Ones to create personal relationships.  Because they take time, you might choose to have sign-up sheets and have members sign up to meet at another time. UUs love to talk, so if it's possible, ask people to allow plenty of time.  It's amazing what you can learn when you put two people together without an agenda even when they've known each other for a long time.  I suspect that spouses would learn things.

Please follow two iron rules for community organizing: 1) punctuality.  It is rude to start or finish late—if you truly respect the dignity and worth of every person, then you will respect their time.  2)  Never, ever do for someone else what they can do for themselves.  This will be more important as we get into solutions

For a printable version of the 5 workshops, click here

Workshop 1: Understanding the Problem, 57 minutes of video


Workshop 2: Gears of Democracy, 61 minutes of video


Workshop 3: What goes into the workings of democracy? 51 ½ minutes of video


Workshop 4: How Corruption of Democracy Impairs all Justice, 46 ½ minutes of video


Workshop 5: Some Solutions to Corruption of Democracy, 41 minutes of video


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