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Corporations are Not People, Money is Not Speech

UUJEC Congregational Representative and former Board member Michael Greenman has provided several resources to inform and mobilize around corporate power.  Through his involvement in the Interfaith Caucus (IFC) of Move to Amend, Michael is able to continue building awareness and support within our UU denomination, but at the same time to reach out to other “Communities of Faith and Ethical Convictions” to bring them into the movement. 

Resources Include:

  • Issues List: Sources of Corporate Constitutional Rights And Impact of Corporate Constitutional Rights (and Resulting Corporate Power ) on All Aspects of Society, and the Environment. 
  • Organizational List: Faith and Ethical Organizations Endorsing MTA 
  • Resolution List: Resolutions Supporting MTA Amendment Wording in UU Congregations and SANs 

  • Past MTA Activities: Move to Amend (or Parallel) Activities at UU Churches and others.

  • For additional resources, you can search the Move to Amend - Interfaith Dropbox folder here. 

    To reach Michael, please email him at 

Comparative Healthcare Systems: Workshop Series by Michael Teasdale


Healthcare is the key element in the quality of life and a foundational right in civilized societies.  Providing appropriate healthcare to all allows individuals to lead dignified and full lives. In the USA there has been a long debate about the cost, quality and access to healthcare. UUs, believing in the inherent value of every human being, need to be in the forefront of the struggle to ensure healthcare is available to all. In my presentations you will find how well the healthcare system in the United States compares with other developed economies.  Often hailed as the "best healthcare system in the world," the presentations show not only that the USA system is more expensive but has serious issues in access to care as well as quality of care and service compared to other countries.  Comparative data from the World Healthcare Organization (WHO) and Organization of Economic Coordination and Development (OECD) show the USA can learn much from other countries to achieve affordable healthcare for all. [Michael Teasdale UUJEC Co-Chair]

Session 1: Comparative Healthcare Systems

Session 2: Why Does Healthcare Cost So Much in the USA?

Session 3: Why Does Healthcare Cost So Much in the USA (Cont'd)

Session 4: Different Healthcare Systems 



2015 GA Workshop Review: Pass the 28th Amendment


It’s my great pleasure to pass on to you the video compiled from the workshop UUJEC and our MTA-IFC team organized to host Thom Hartmann at the 2015 UU General Assembly. The workshop was entitled: “Pass the 28th Amendment: Corporations are not Persons, and Money is Not Speech”.  My church, the First UU Church of Columbus, was also a sponsor. 


Thom Hartmann unfortunately was ill the day before the workshop and had to cancel! (he’s fully recovered now - for which we are all very grateful!) He would have been speaking about his new book: “The Crash of 2016” - which features Move to Amend and the passage of the 28th amendment we espouse - as a primary priority for dealing with a crash.

We were extremely lucky, however as Dr. David Korten, a good friend of Thom Hartmann’s and of all of us (UUJEC has sponsored him in previous GAs), had been in Portland for two days, speaking at the invitation of the UU Ministry For Earth about his new book: Change the Story, Change the Future and the 20th Anniversary Edition of his seminal book: When Corporations Rule the World. So, when we discovered that Thom would not be able to come to Portland, David Korten kindly, generously, and very capably stepped in for Thom to convey his (Thom’s) ideas drawn from The Crash of 2016 to the audience that would be gathering the next day! So he led three major workshops in 3 days - WOW!!! We announced the change as widely as we could, not wanting our audience to arrive without knowing the facts! We were delighted when, come Saturday afternoon, between 700 and 1,000 UUs showed up to hear David speak on behalf of Thom, and to learn about Thom’s book, MTA and the Interfaith Caucus. A real tribute to both David and Thom!

      Michael Greenman, from the First UU Church of Columbus, Ohio and UUJEC member. 

AIW: Oppose Citizens United—Support Free Speech for People


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