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Economic Justice Spotlight: Unitarian Universalist Church West

Sep 29 2016
This year we embarked on a journey of discovery, to understand the tireless and comprehensive work UU activists were doing to make our world more just. Our call for submissions drew interest from active social justice committees and congregations from every corner of the country. We are pleased to collaborate with them in sharing best practice approaches to justice work for our readers to learn from and to bring inspiration. Enjoy the stories, share in the efforts and use the ideas you see here as a model for your continued work in economic justice.

Ann Heidkamp, Social Action Council Chair for Unitarian Universalist Church West (UUCW), shares their recent work in a report here. Please share this report with your congregations and feel free to participate in the comment section below. 

UUJEC Video Curricula A Success in Wisconsin, by Jim Black

Sep 22 2016
I recently utilized a little, unknown gem from the UUJEC website.  There is a drop down menu under the “escalating inequality” tab, which includes a curriculum created by Terry Lowman, co-chair of the UUJEC, called “TED Talk curriculum and videos”.  These are an excellent and well organized selection of videos centered on various aspects of income inequality.  The videos are short and very powerful.

Labor and Justice: A Special Message to Celebrate Labor Day, by Kit Marlowe

Sep 15 2016

For more than a century, labor unions have been a very important vehicle for creating social justice. Fewer American workers participate than in the past. I reviewed the role of labor unions at a recent service at UUCSJS in Pomona, NJ. Unions have failings, as all human institutions do, but they are crucial to a just economy. I welcome your feedback and encourage a lively discussion.  


Aug 18 2016

This cogent article was sent by UUJEC member, Mona Lee, who develops imaginative displays for Ground Zero's demonstrations to end nuclear proliferation.  The article, which quotes the prescient President Eisenhower, shows the extraordinary price tag (up to a trillion dollars) for updating our nuclear arsenal which should be spent instead on protecting and improving schools, infrastructure, human services and quality of human and environmental life, thus providing jobs and ending poverty.  Lucy Hitchcock, Sultan, WA

Remove the Social Security Maximum, by Kit Marlowe

Jul 15 2016

You probably know that the Social Security Administration collects taxes on just the first $118,500 / year of payroll. You may have also heard that increasing this cap would make the program sustainable for 21 more years. Some say that increasing the cap will result in rich people receiving more benefits. They would, but the balance favors middle class workers.

Reporting from the Picket Line: Rich Florentino

Jun 30 2016

Forty thousand CWA workers went on strike against Verizon in mid April.  Essentially Verizon was trying to bust the Union.  On Staten Island for example Verizon had not hired a new union worker in over 15 years; they had not agreed to a contract in 4 years - so the workers had not received a raise in that time.  Perhaps even worse, management was arbitrarily rearranging work hours and locations to make it very difficult for the workers and  their families.  For example they could be assigned to jobs up to 150 miles away on short notice - and have to stay for extended periods.  They could also be told to work weekends also on short notice and then given weekdays off so no OT pay would be earned.

Proposed Action of Immediate Witness: Stop the TPP, by Dick Burkhart

Jun 17 2016

Last year at General Assembly, UUJEC promoted an Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) against Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but it never got out of the Commission on Social Witness. This year the leading US Presidential candidates are all opposed, so we think our AIW will get a better hearing, though Obama still wants to pass it in the lame duck session after the November election. So what has changed?

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