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The Buy Nothing Project, by Terry Lowman

Oct 18 2017

I recently read an article about a website,  Although I wouldn't typically use such a website, my Mom's farmhouse burned down in 2007 and we rebuilt a new house with 2/3 of the insurance--my brother didn't want to be involved so my sister and I rebuilt the house.  Mom was in a nursing home, so she couldn't really help.

“We live in interesting times” doesn’t cut it. A Message from the UUJEC Board of Trustees

Oct 11 2017

Dear Members and Friends,
     “We live in interesting times” doesn’t cut it.  Try bizarre, reactionary, contentious, even threatening-to- catastrophic for our planet and people.  The good news is that every political backtrack to the environment, equal opportunity, healthcare, immigrant, minority and voting rights, public education and international diplomacy is met with amazingly massive demonstrations in the streets.  If ever we UUs wanted incentive to stand up for our values, this is the time.  We, at UUJEC, focus to fulfill the economic justice niche for the UUA and we appreciate your involvement and financial support.

Webinar Oct 5: Reversing Inequality with Chuck Collins

UUJEC Advisory Board Member Chuck Collins, in Partnership with The Next System Project & The Institute For Policy Studies, released an impactful report “REVERSING INEQUALITY: Unleashing the Transformative Potential of an Equitable Economy.” The report is an excellent resource to understand the key drivers of inequality and concrete wisdom on how to collectively and legislatively move toward a more just economy.  

Living Wage Certification Toolkit, by Dean Wanderer

Aug 24 2017

The Richmond Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy Chapter is partnering with the Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building to develop a Living Wage Certification program. This is a voluntary certification program designed to recognize and promote employers that pay living wages. The Certification Committee has set $16 or more per hour for the Gold Star Living Wage Certification, $12.50 or more for the Silver Star Living Wage Certification, and $11 or more for the Aspiring Living Wage Certification. 

New Report by Chuck Collins: Reversing Inequality

Aug 14 2017

UUJEC's longtime friend and Advisory Board Member Chuck Collins has released a compelling new report we're proudly sharing with you. Chuck will also be joining us for a webinar to discuss his report and how we can work toward a more equitable economy. Stay tuned for developments from our mailing list. 

Webinar Series; Join Us for Monthly Inspiration, by Rachel Bennett Steury

Aug 08 2017

To follow up from our spring conference “Reversing Inequality, Healthcare Justice is a UU Value,” UUJEC is working in partnership with UU’s for Social Justice (UUSJ) to continue that important dialogue around healthcare. Our webinar series features discussions and crucial updates by our colleagues from leading advocacy groups.

Our recent webinars featured action calls, toolkits and updates from NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, and FCNL, the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Our upcoming webinars will also keep you informed and connected to others working for healthcare justice. 

A-Mazing!! The UUA passes “Reversing Economic Inequity” Statement of Conscience, by Lucy Hitchcock

Aug 03 2017
We (the UUA) have come a long way.  In 1979, President Paul Carnes created the UU Task Force on Economic Justice.  Soon, Rev. Dr. Richard Gilbert published, “How Much Do We Deserve?” and with Dr. Loretta Williams, Director of the UUA Office of Social Responsibility, published the first economic justice curriculum, “A Call to Do Justice.”  In 1989, the Rev. Paul Sawyer called a group of colleagues together with lecturers from the Center for Popular Economics and, out of the dialogue, UUJEC, an affiliate UUA organization, was born. Years of study, curricula, workshops, GA resolutions, marches followed. 

The Benefits of UUJEC Membership, by Jim Black

Jul 27 2017

The benefits of membership in the Unitarian Universalist Just Economic Community (UUJEC) are many.  The benefits which I have taken advantage of several times are the resources available on the UUJEC website.  Go to the UUJEC website and click on the menu “escalating inequality” and a drop down menu will appear with several workshops and videos which can be presented at your congregation or community setting. I have had personal success with TED Talk presentations.

I chose TED Talks to present at our Fellowship in Door County Wisconsin. My timing was not the greatest. I made the first presentation of TED Talks during the non-tourist season.  There are just a handful of communities in northern Door County. These communities all have populations less than a thousand.  During the tourist season there are tens of thousands of folks in Door County. During the non-tourist season it is common to see neither a car nor person on the main streets. These same streets during tourist season are so crowded open parking spaces can not be found and walking is difficult due to the crowds.  My expectations were low.

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