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Webinar Oct 5: Reversing Inequality with Chuck Collins

UUJEC Advisory Board Member Chuck Collins, in Partnership with The Next System Project & The Institute For Policy Studies, released an impactful report “REVERSING INEQUALITY: Unleashing the Transformative Potential of an Equitable Economy.” The report is an excellent resource to understand the key drivers of inequality and concrete wisdom on how to collectively and legislatively move toward a more just economy.  

Chuck Collins Visits Iowa UUs by Terry Lowman

Nov 01 2016
I want to thank Chuck in a public way--his generosity with his time and his life experiences were a profound gift to Iowa UUs.  Chuck did a review of his book, Born on Third Base at Prairie Lights Book Store in Iowa City.  He did a workshop at the Coralville Public Library for Iowa UU Witness/Advocacy Network and Iowa City UU Society.  One meaningful exercise was for pairs of us to share our story of how our government, community and family contributed to our survival and success.  It was a meaningful tool in debunking people's "I did it myself" story so I shouldn't have to share or pay back anyone.

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