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Living Wage Certification Toolkit, by Dean Wanderer

Aug 24 2017

The Richmond Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy Chapter is partnering with the Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building to develop a Living Wage Certification program. This is a voluntary certification program designed to recognize and promote employers that pay living wages. The Certification Committee has set $16 or more per hour for the Gold Star Living Wage Certification, $12.50 or more for the Silver Star Living Wage Certification, and $11 or more for the Aspiring Living Wage Certification

As a result of our work, the "Living Wage Certification Toolkit: Creating & Sustaining A Living Wage Certification Program in Your Community" was developed and is available online here. Please share this valuable resource with your congregations. 

For more information, visit the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy website here.

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